Why does my phone beep when i make a call

why does my phone beep when i make a call Delete Imported Phonebook This option allows you to delete the stored phonebook from the HFL. May 03 2017 If your desk Avaya phone can make outgoing calls just fine but all incoming calls go directly to your voicemail try this Press the Phone button located to the right of the OK button on your desk Avaya phone. You can even purchase a device from the source listed to make the sound if you record the call. Can I make an internal call to one of my other handsets 23 Apr 2020 I want to turn off call waiting the beeping while I 39 m on the phone is rather annoying. The carrier can do it upon request by law enforcement. My client doesn 39 t like the beep because it mutes the inbound audio of the person for about a second on the other end. Go to Settings gt Phone gt Blocked Contacts. 0 Duration 0 42. For some reason when a call comes in aside from the ring itself there is this loud beep that comes in as well. Aug 01 2013 I 39 m trying to keep in touch with someone and his minutes have ran out I have over 100 and every time I call out it instantly beeps 3 times and ends it doesn 39 t even ring it 39 s not a signal problem my signal is fine I can ring other people in the house I can text him but not call and when I take my dog for a walk and try and text it says try again and it doesn 39 t send or call he can call and Sometimes on occasions I have to try 4 6 times to be able to make the call. It can be something as simple as a bracelet you wear each day or the sound of a car passing outside your window. Please see the user guide for complete instructions Call our friendly GreatCall Personal Operators who can update your Phone Book for you. Press the button to toggle on off To Answer External Calls When the phone rings lift the handset or press the Speaker button to answer hands free. Mark all your channels as read and watch which lights up. 6. The signal strength needed for each phone is different. Your cell phone or cordless phone battery might also On Hold Beeps disabled by default When enabled the organizer will hear intermittent beeps until another participant joins the session. A train sound described by u mitalis on Reddit as a magic effect backwards If you re trying to find someone s phone number you might have a hard time if you don t know where to look. As suggested earlier make a call to your phone you 39 ll hear the sounds before your phone starts to ring. Is this only happening during a call or does it simply make this noise from the loudspeaker if not used The unit is well out of warranty so I cannot even ask you to raise a ticket with your Polycom reseller. Our Support Wizard will guide you step by step and help you solve the problem. In this few days my phone suddenly can t connect the cellular data and when I make a call it show not registered on network after I turn it off and restart my phone it s become work again but this case happened a lot of time in a day and I need to keep turni0ng off my phone and restart a lot of time. But Call Trace technology works only within the local service area. To Answer Internal Calls When phone beeps answer hands free or if the phone rings lift the handset or press speaker. call blocking products and reviews are available at your app store. See if Call Forwarding is turned on. Here s a template that can help. as mentioned in my initial responce I am not aware of anything that would cause this unit to emit a beeping tone. Different phone jacks pull in different signal strength. And it did it once again at start up. Most users dial the seven digits of a telephone 908 555 0 00 calls number to make a call within their own area code and digits outside of their area code. When you head to that server mark as read again. But I set it to do that on purpose. Please contact your current carrier to start the transfer. The ad is likely coming from an app you have open on your iPhone or from a web page you were viewing in the Safari app. Your Google Assistant answers the call and asks who 39 s calling and why. On the phone the caller cant hear me and I hear them with beeping at the earpiece. Touch the time on your screen to open the Alarm screen. When I ring their phone which is on EE I just get three short beeps in succession then the call is disconnected. 4 Your answering system s message capacity may be full. Sep 26 2017 You re making a phone call or listening to music and your iPhone starts making static noises. These days most speaker phones are full digital duplex and do a great job of delivering sound quality. Then he reset the network settings and had me make a call. When that battery is getting low the alarm chirps to let you know. Staying in contact with friends and family members is usually accom In this era of self isolation business calls are a necessity. This was the first time I had rings before the busy signal. 2 Shopping Applications Shopping applications rely heavily on the notification system. Hi All I dont know if I can get some help I 39 m trying to ring a friend of mine who lives quite far away from me. Again if you re on a phone call be mindful of how you re coming across. If you are on a call when a high priority call comes to your phone the high priority call preempts the current call and you hear a special preemption ringtone. Okay my phone is on the table nfc and bluetooth both disabled and it goes beeeeeep for about 3 4 seconds and that aint a normal beep its extremely high pitched sound that made me deaf after the sound goes for 2 3 secs the next one happens minutes after that . quot Aug 09 2014 The reason I ask is because if you quot dial calls quot like many do including me where you punch in the number and then press TALK those pulsed tones may be interfering with the phone number dialed and its giving you the quot beep beep beep quot instead of completing the call. Phones have multiple volumes for different things so be sure to turn up the right one or just turn up all of them to see which one is for what. When I try to call him since then my phone beeps three times and nothing else happens. Called my friend and the phone rang five times and then I got what sounded like a busy signal. Or if your call is rejected by any carrier along the call path for any reason you will see Waiting for Line on your Avaya phone display. Alternately if the problem only happens with long distance calls read quot What to do if you can 39 t make long distance toll free or 900 number calls . also I suffer with that beeping noise but I think its a setting on my phone and not an issue with the headset. This should clear the stutter dial tone. Thanks Quick nbsp HiI have a P20 lite and after an update my phone now beeps when I am on call beeps even If on data call or wifi call and even if I have not made the call so in nbsp If I put my sim in a iPhone 6s it is fine but the sim from the 6s in my 7 will just to clarify do you mean calls 39 to 39 Telstra phones or 39 from 39 Telstra I just dont get it. Dec 17 2003 gt Lately whenever I make a call my Samsung SCH 8500 beeps for every gt minute or so as if its recording the conversation. startTone ToneGenerator. Data charges may apply. Is it yourself calling from the future Maybe just a glitch with your phone The latter is far more possible but there are also several other possibilities. One X Agent 2. This is to see if the problem is with the phone you make calls. Cannot make a call or answer calls Frequently Asked Questions. The unit has detected carbon monoxide gas in your home. However many services for looking up a phone number charge fees or even re Lots of people Millennials in particular find phone calls awkward and unnecessary. Most systems will begin beeping or chirping as a result of a total power outage or failure to recharge the system backup battery. I don 39 t hear the beep tone but usually a recording that a call may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance. The Uniden may not be getting enough through the jack the to pull up the caller ID information. and when i put my vodavone sim it has a little phone with an 39 X 39 on it on the top of my phone screen . When you contact your carrier check the following Your account is set up to use your iPhone. Sep 17 2018 There are only two real ways to monitor cell phone calls 1. ring quot silent quot t Sep 23 2019 Check for any blocked phone numbers. I went back into the store and waited for a genious who ran a diagnostic and said the phone was fine. Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Plug a corded phone into the master socket the master socket s the first socket where the phone line comes into your home . Any idea how I can look into this My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 stock Android 4. Jan 07 2013 When should you call a lawyer And when should you walk away from the telephone and shop golf or do whatever it is you need to do to get the issue at hand out of your mind even if just temporarily Apr 19 2020 Usually when a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm is chirping one quick little beep every one to two minutes or so it means the battery is dying. It may be that some places where it 39 s more frequent are on the edges of cells and your phone is regularly swapping towers. Make an announcement after the tone or press Ring which you will see in the display to ring the phone. God is there to take care of your mother Coming to the point of Beeps Your Phone has an address associated with the it. To let calls from important contacts through the Do Not Disturb blanket tap With Echo speakers open the Alexa app on your phone tap Devices then Echo nbsp 9 Aug 2014 OK those quot pulsed quot dial tones are a signal from your service provider that The reason I ask is because if you quot dial calls quot like many do including me with the phone number dialed and its giving you the quot beep beep beep quot nbsp 2 Jun 2016 Hello All We have a bunch of Cisco SPA 504G and 509G Phones. To answer a call lift the handset. If your iPhone has a SIM card remove the SIM card then reinsert it. Alternatively open WhatsApp then tap the Hello world New lines installed and for some reason while the first line rings and calls can be answered as normal when a 2nd call into our single line comes in I do not hear a call waiting beep or tone so I called in my self on two phones and realized that those 2nd call 39 s are being dropped. Calls won 39 t ring through PC either. If you do not refer to the TROUBLESHOOTINGsection in the back of this user s manual. This feature for securing your account is part of the your Azure AD user settings which requires you committing changes there. My phone is connected but when I make a call the message I get is unable to establish call. There are 3 ways to set the record time depending on the model of your phone. If the handset display flashes Searching Base or Range Out it 39 s lost its link to the base. Oct 04 2010 Dave My wife bought a 2017 Chevy Equinox a few months ago. Call Trace is easier than using a Trap since the customer does not have to keep a phone log. When a new quot beep quot happens you can click the quot New message quot button and it will take you to the channel that it is beeping. Oct 15 2015 It 39 s not on every call. Beep on conference call Is there a way to disable the beeps that other users will hear on the phone if you put them on hold During conference calls with multiple people when one of them puts their phone on hold everyone else hears a series of beeps every 10 seconds. Please read our updated Privacy Notice and Terms of Use effective on December 19 2019. With a reverse phone lookup all you have to do is enter the phone number you need to learn more about and click search. Click your phone service issue below. 6 ironass Apr 28 2013 During a phone call it will make a random high to low pitch beep lasting a few secondsbut is incredibly loud. 2 Make sure your answering system is turned on. All calls to 911 are free. Why does my cell phone make beeping sounds What does the beeping noise on cell phone lines mean My verizon phone is is making a beep beep sound when i call. If we don 39 t answer it it will leave a message with just the beeping tone as well. If we hang up and call back it usually does not do it again for a while. May 03 2011 However our worries does not matter at all. If you can then make a call there s no problem with the line itself. I really hate talking on the phone. Or because you were in the shower or because you were washing the dog or because you were taking a shower with the dog. Hello All We have a bunch of Cisco SPA 504G and 509G Phones. Thank you for your patience and welcome to the forums. Note The 201i server emits one pulse beep at startup. Make sure that Enable LTE is turned off . Jul 15 2014 Call Waiting is the feature that allows you to hear another incoming call when you re already on active phone call often referred to as a beep . as soon as it goes to the next snap or video AUTOMATICALLY Apr 08 2016 VoLTE stands for voice over LTE. History. Reverse phone lookups are a new kind of search site dedicated to providing answers about unknown phone calls. Go to Phone System gt Auto Receptionist gt Call Recording. Receiving an intercom call You will hear two quick tones and the caller will be on your speaker phone. Dec 15 2019 You have to make sure you have notifications turned on and then make sure you aren 39 t in screensaver mode and make sure that your screen is off. However do make sure you test your speaker phone and any video equipment before the conference. Hi v1nny . The problem s wiring microfilters or your equipment. I You hear your phone ringing and you look down to see who it is when you notice that your own name shows up as the caller ID. And at first I thought that was it because the nbsp 28 Oct 2019 My Case Portal Issue. i have went into call status t Apr 12 2008 Why does my phone beep three times and then disconnect on attempting a call I was talking with a friend when my phone beeped and we were disconnected. There can be different reasons if you are hearing beep beep sound while calling gt if it rings 2 3 times and start using beep beep quot it may be that the other person has disconnected your call gt there may be chance that there is network problem in that locality that is week signal Apr 12 2012 All it takes to make a beep is a common electric circuit that produces a square wave a simple type of signal that jumps back and forth between two levels and a speaker to amplify it. They are not heard by the other party on the call but are very annoying. One way to do this is to set a visual or auditory cue. If you d like your company name to display instead you can do so by registering for CNAME free with MightyCall CNAME is only available for local numbers . Conference Calls To make a conference call Apr 30 2020 When a high priority call rings on your phone you see the priority level on the phone screen and the call appears at the top of the call list. I can still receive incoming calls. Can 39 t find a setting to turn it off. Oct 05 2006 gt Twice this week my Sony Ericson T237 Fido phone has given me 3 beeps and gt disconnected a call even though my battery is fully charged and there is gt a full signal and lots of money in the pay as you go account. I then attempted to pull the battery and May 06 2016 Why my Plantronics Wireless Headset Not Beeping in my ear when the phone is ringing When your phone rings Plantronics HL10 or EHS cable provides a ringtone to your Plantronics wireless headset when you re away from your desk. When your phone beeps continuously the phone might be sounding an alarm that you scheduled for a previous day and forgot to disable. Wondering if I 39 m losing cell signal and it 39 s reconnecting to the system which is causing the beeps Nov 13 2010 After dialing a number and pressing the dial key you might hear a short beep before the ringing sound. A lot of users complain that they cannot make outgoing calls on Samsung and other Android phones. Disable Snapchat My Panasonic cordless phone handset beeps every 10 minutes when not in use. Agents do hear whisper announcements on VDNs that have them. Notifications I do have it set up that if someone is trying to call me or if I get a notification my phone lets me know. Now Since I got my Iphone 6 these beeps are GONE. Calls will recall to your extension if not answered within the preprogrammed time limit. Natalya. it really depends on the phone and look for Call connect tones. It sounds like a fax machine beeping endlessly. Locate the Send All Calls key usually bottom left and see if it is pressed or activated. If you still can 39 t make or receive calls contact your service provider to get the line checked Try testing your phone on a line in a different property such as a neighbour 39 s line. 0. Apr 30 2019 Why Is My iPhone XS Dropping Calls It isn t clear what is causing the issue but it may have something to do with the chipsets in newer iPhones or the radio networks that each telecom firm uses. Ah first world problems. of course if I did and all incoming calls went to voicemail I 39 d get ding 39 ed for a nbsp 23 Nov 2013 There are many reasons to swear at your mobile phone. A chiming sound. I had a look at the DND settings of the device profile and managed to remove the beeping sound. Can this be fixed or does the handset need to be replaced Jul 11 2016 It only happens to my phone when speaking to my boss and my wife has had it happen with around 4 different people. After all you re recording the conversation to pick up information that you can refer to later. I had no alarms set and none of my push notifications would ever do this. While there are legitimate reasons to call someone with a private number Caller ID blocking can also be used negatively. and ya ll could make the directions a little more in depth and the photos larger enough to read easily I have We keep receiving strange phone calls day amp night with just a beeping sound tone and no answer on the other end. When I try ringing the phone number it beeps three time and then the call ends. You must erase old messages to make room for new ones. Sales . Upon remembering reading that this could do potential damage to my SIM Galaxy Nexus. Anyone know why this might be Why does my sprint iphone 4 beep three times before i make a call on occasion i have unlmtd. The Facility Tone tells you that a phone feature like Call Forward is ON. XDA Labs. Some of the Voxida call recording solutions can provide an optional beep tone in certain configurations. After receiving quot 180 Ringing quot the phone starts generating the internal ringing sound for a short while Jan 13 2003 Man I 39 m not sure if it 39 s with my Motorola v60c phone or with Verizon 39 s service but everytime I make a phone call there 39 s a sound BEEP BEEP that occurs right before it starts ringing. My guess is that it 39 s simply interference caused by having quite a powerful radio transmitter near wires connected to speakers. 2. I actually love this 3 beep tone I use my phone for business and it 39 s always good to know when someone hangs up and I usually have the phone held on my ear with my shoulder. Why I subscribe to a non traditional telephone service for example magicJack Skype or Windows Live Call and my phone is not working correctly. The number appears on screen when dialing. Actually what causes the three beeps is when you are near somone who has a srint rave modem which is what is used for people with houses that has low cell nbsp everytime I make or receive a phone call I hear 2 beeps at random it was because the other person was recording the call unless it 39 s my nbsp 11 May 2020 Hi there Im trying to work out how my Cousin does not get my call on on his phone but you dont hear it ring just shows the caller calling. And I find voicememo only recorded beeping sound but any other sounds else. Dec 21 2017 I have the same issue in my OnePlus 3 after the oreo update. Oct 17 2020 The van connects to the phone and I hear a beep on the van speakers. Pick up the handset and an attempt will be made to connect you. When an authorization code is required the phone displays Enter Authorization Code the dialed number changes to quot quot and you hear a special tone. Next choose Shut Down. The faint beep occurs every 15 seconds to inform parties. Answer With SIP dial tone telephone service Waiting for Line can mean several things. It means you have a new message on your MessageBank or Home Messages 101 service. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Reply. In addition to its other components a cell phone has an audio amplifier that drives its speaker and the radio waves emitted by the computer may induce currents in the wiring of the amplifier itself. Contact your next level of support. This could mean that your microphone is switched on even though you re not using your phone. Even after following the above fix if you have trouble making phone calls try restarting your iPhone. The sound that is makes is the same sound if you press the volume rocker once. Not Testing Your Speaker Phone or Video Equipment . Press the mute control once to turn it off. Open the Settings app and go to Apps amp notifications gt App Permissions. How do I access my recordings Your recordings are available in the app once your call ends and our servers have processed your recording which usually takes just a few moments. May 07 2018 The question I m answering is What does it mean when you call a cell phone and it beeps 3 times and hangs up Some wombat merged it with something different. Telephone operation Feature setup Program home and local area codes HOME AC empty Home area code is the area code for your telephone number. For many of our most popular systems beeping alarms and low battery trouble beeps can be silenced by pressing the OFF or buttons from the keypad. TONE_PROP_ACK Double beeps tg. Mar 18 2020 The reason is this when someone you already blocked calls you he ll notice that busy phone number beep all the time. I understand you are hearing random beeps during calls that sound like someone is hitting a number on the keypad. Expand Post. Conference Calls To make a conference call Manage your Phone Book directly through the handset. I immediately ended the call Then it redialed again I restarted my phone thinking this would stop it. Agents are complaining they don 39 t know when a customer is on the line. I tried changing the batteries but Answered by a verified Electronics Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The car kit does If your phone is disconnecting mid call or ringing once and hanging up the first thing to figure out is the extent of the problem. After 30 seconds tap on the same toggle to disable it. I don 39 t know if something is wrong with my phone Please help Whenever I 39 m on the phone with someone if I receive an incoming phone call the existing caller can her either a beep or sound that indicates that I have another incoming call. My iPhone 6s is brand new my carrier is t mobile I make calls and it takes about 20 30 seconds to ring and connect. Jan 05 2020 Static or feedback type noises just like old radios and TVs would make back in the day. Dial 72786 . The best way to access XDA on your phone. 15 Jul 2014 I have a problem. Feb 22 2015 Raise your hand if you 39 ve ever missed a call because you didn 39 t hear your phone ring. Hyperion Launcher. 5 SP2 not beeping ringing or playng zip tone for incoming calls. On very rare occasions everytime I try I keep getting the message beep and hangs up. Heard beeping sound during a whatsapp call. How To Turn Off Beep Sound From Speaker When Ending a Call Android 6. The tone stops when the first dialed digit is recognized. It 39 s not on every call. Even when everyone answers the call I cannot hear people speaking because there is still a loud beeping sound. Watch your tone. Click the links to hear each sound and compare it to what you 39 re getting on your phone. i can hear it but the person i am talking to can not hear it. Will I be charged for calls to 911 No. Now re check your messages. Check that both ends of the power adapter are securely plugged in. It was about 6 30 in the morning at this point. The call doesn 39 t drop off completely but I have to hang up and call back. Make a voice call Open the individual chat with the contact you want to voice call. but i put my dad 39 s sim card which has credit but when i call it still does the same thing and doesn 39 t work. Go to Settings gt Phone gt Call Forwarding and make sure it 39 s off. Even though I am using a push button phone set nothing happens when I press the numbers on the keypad or the system doesn 39 t recognize the numbers I enter. Right click and turn off notifications. In some cases the number is not getting saved at all on the phone. If all that doesn 39 t work then your phone might be too old or it might be broken. Tap Phone on the App Permissions screen and you will see which apps have access to the Phone app. Use a mobile phone or someone else s home phone and leave yourself a new message. May 25 2017 When I was testing microphone volume by doing WhatsApp video call to my friend 39 s mobile who was in the same room when I take my phone nearby to his phone when the video call was on a strange beep sound was coming which was very loud. While some still do this isn t always the most effective way to find folks. To make the call private lift the receiver and your intercom key ICM will be red. He is having HTC phone. I have a galaxy J7 Star also the volume when I listen to music is very low and both phone and headset are at max volume. . Aug 22 2012 Hi everyone Had my iPhone for a week now and love it however since I got it every time I MAke or receive a call it automatical is on loudspeaker. Enough to make my ear ring. I tried changing call. The MIC lamp must be on for caller to hear you hands free. Apr 26 2016 Two beeps is an out of range warning. Can 39 t remember exactly when it started but I routinely get a set of quot beep beep beep quot quot beep beep beep quot 2 sets of 3 beeps when I make or answer a phone call including to voicemail. How do I turn my phone into a mobile Wi Fi hotspot Why am I unable to access the internet or Man I 39 m not sure if it 39 s with my Motorola v60c phone or with Verizon 39 s service but everytime I make a phone call there 39 s a sound BEEP BEEP that occurs right before it starts ringing. It is impossible to hear the caller. Some beep codes indicate catastrophic failures that cannot be easily resolved at the customer site. Choose wisely so that you don 39 t accidentally block the wrong calls. On some older models 1 Simply move the Record Time switch to 1 or 4 is which found on the side of the base On all 900mhz amp analog models that have this feature please see below Your phone sounds could not be working because of something simple or your phone needing a repair. My cell phone beeps 3 quick times before i make a call so id my phone being tracked. Have plugged the phone direct int Make sure your answering system is plugged into a live telephone jack and power source. Re Why does my phone beep once before rining In response to Tonilouise Hi team iPhone 7 not every call but most calls with the same symptom described above a single beep that sounds like an engaged tone. Jan 31 2019 5. Have checked the line and there are no reported faults BT line checker says the line is fine. When the optional Plantronics HL10 handset lifer is connected three rapid beeps indicates that a call is coming into the headset. I dont even wanna talk on the phone because of this issue. This is done digitally and you will never know it is being done. Hello My problem is that whenever I dial a number I get the engaged tone and am told the number is busy and to use ring back press 5 . Netvue app gt setting gt general gt motion alert Please make sure the quot Do Not Disturb quot mode is off on your phone otherwise you won 39 t get notifications when you locked the screen. Leave a voicemail Call the extension and leave a message. If I can get them to hear me I tell them to hang up and call back. I tested it with my brother. Get everyone to fresh air and phone 911. Manage your Phone Book directly through the handset. Dial tone engaged busy and number unobtainable for internal calls are similar to those used One Long then several Short Beeps This is intrusion tone used to warn you that an operator is nbsp 5 Jun 2018 I do not know this behavior from my G4 or G5S . Join 250 000 sub When a caller enters 67 into his phone before dialing your number the Caller ID will simply say Private. Maybe the static is loud and constant or maybe it only happens once in a while but one thing s for sure It s annoying. Locate and replace the bad filter. Then place a call from the phone into the voicemail box of the extension and delete the new Check for Dial Tone After the batteries are charged pick up the handset and press PHONE you should hear a dial tone. a. This is a normal beep and does not indicate a system failure. minutes to mobile phones minutes isn t a problem Nov 13 2007 It only happens when your phone is communicating with the network which is why you 39 re finding it intermittent. Phone ZIP By clicking the 39 Get a Free Quote 39 button below I agree that an ADT specialist may contact me via text messages or phone calls to the phone number provided by me using automated technology about ADT offers and consent is not required to make a purchase. The people we are talking to can not hear the sound and it seems to happen when we are South of Interstate 64 amp traveling on Hwy DD 94 and F. Note This feature is available to organizers and co organizers only. Using voice commands Vocera instantly connects you to the people you need to reach reducing Apr 30 2020 When a billing code is required the phone displays Enter Client Matter Code the dialed number changes to quot quot and you hear a special tone. Right after the 3 quick beeps the call goes through normally and then you can hear the ringing. Call us if you need any help with this step. What do I need to gt change in the settings to stop the beep Mine does that too. Press the talk button on the headset Jan 03 2019 My phone keeps beeping at random but there s no message or notification given. The beep beep sound is a notification for every email WhatsApp or any other notification. ly BeepAlerts Subscribe to Gadget Hacks nbsp Place a call into the PBX from the phone number you previously specified while On my end I do not hear beeps but rather short gaps in the caller 39 s voice in nbsp Not all types of phones have all of these methods available. I thought I was getting a call but I wasn 39 t. You have 4 options you can chose from receiving the The GSM 1800 MHz PCN element was added a few years later when the UK 39 s DTI was at the leading edge of telecommunications liberalisation and I propelled it to be the first credible entity to set out the vision of the personal mobile phone as a consumer product Phones on the Move and put forward the conditions to make it happen. Sometimes I have to wait 3 4 seconds before the beep occurs and then it starts ringing. You beep someone when you call them up on their mobile phone then Your friend you hope sees your name and number on their list of the calls made in Africa are just split second flashes empty appeals across the cellular network. i tried to contain it by closing all apps turning on silent mode and even locking the screen didn 39 t have any effect and what Thomas I have a HTC 8X. my phone AND my wifes phones are making random beeping sound. . When you hear the beep quickly press and release the hang up button to put the first call on hold nbsp 3 Feb 2018 The problem I do wire phone calls with one contact from time to time and it I then get two beeping sounds with different pitch that repeat themselves. This only happens after you have hit the talk button to make a call or answer it. is it cuz i didn During a phone call it will make a random high to low pitch beep lasting a few secondsbut is incredibly loud. Restart Your iPhone. b. Set the Dial Mode Jul 16 2012 Make sure to select the most logical option for your needs. After a minute turn on your beep beep beep. Then scroll down through each IOS feature and app and turn off the ones that are annoyances rather than useful alerts. Call quality is fine. Oct 21 2019 Call and video chat your friends 1 1 or in groups. As long as your phone is connected to some sort of internet there are ways to blast off notifications Oct 12 2020 Almost sure shot and easiest way to fix the problem of call failed on your iPhone is to dial 31 . It 39 s likely a setting on your phone and where you find it depends on your phone model which you didn 39 t provide. Check to see if Silence Unknown Callers is turned on. Facility tone. TONE_PROP_BEEP2 Sounds all wrong tg. He sounded a bit more 39 distant 39 than with my Pixel 3 but I could still make out his every word clearly and my mum making random comments in the background from time to time haha . as it is for Snapchat though if you see the 39 App Permissions 39 setting in your Settings app it will be a lot easier to revoke access. My phone has no dial tone All my calls go straight to voicemail I can 39 t hear the caller I can 39 t make phone calls I always get a busy signal when I make a call My phone calls keep dropping I 39 m not receiving phone calls Why does my phone feel warm when it 39 s charging or when I 39 m using it It is normal for the phone to become warm sometimes during charging or when the phone is being used extensively multiple apps are in use long videos gaming etc. The same thing when someone calls me I press the green button and it takes about 20 seconds of silence before I can here the voice of the person IIm calling. I 39 m not getting a text message when missing a call though that should not make a noise either . Stutter dial Tone. My battery pack does not last very long between charges. Check that both ends of the line cord are securely connected. This is extremely frustrating. minutes to mobile phones minutes isn t a problem Samsung galaxy s4 when on call keep getting a beep sound. Your wireless router may be on the same frequency as your wireless phone. Active station ringing set to single. HFL does not allow you to pair your phone if the vehicle is moving. The Stutter Dial Tone is exactly that a dial tone with a stutter or intermittent pulse. Feb 08 2018 Because your phone is in the other room or a while different floor. Oct 12 2020 Now try to make a phone call. On the iPhone you can then look at your screen and the incoming callers number or contact details will be shown. It 39 s really bugging during a call and I can 39 t find a way to disable it. Unplug a DSL filter and plug your phone directly into the wall. When it comes back up press the Messages button on the phone and it will display all the folders in your mail box. That way you can track down the culprit easier. Your calls don 39 t have errors on the carrier system. To override automatic line selection lift the handset then press and release a LINE button. c. The radio waves cause induction cause the noise. This problem occurs because some IP PBXes such as asterisk send quot 180 Ringing quot followed by quot 183 Session Progress quot and in band audio. It 39 s been connected to power so it doesn 39 t seem to be some kind of quot battery low quot notification. You may also open the Settings app and tap on General. Sep 15 2016 Recently our AT amp T cordless phone on U verse plan has begun to make beeping noises during phone calls after only 3 or 4 minutes away from the home station. Your phone sounds could not be working because of something simple or your phone needing a repair. It is almost as if someone has picked up an extension phone in the house but we know this is not what is happening. XDA Forum App. But with the constant changes in technology you re no longer obligated to make calls in the same old boring way. Phone will clear previous internal programming information and turn off then back on. Agents say the beep sounds like someone pressed a button on the phone mid conversation. A sweet feature filled launcher with a beautiful UX. Matthew Apr 1 39 13 at 18 29 Aug 12 2009 Why does my mobile go beep beep BEEP when i try to call someone my sim card is t mobile and i don 39 t have credit . Make sure your system is set to record messages. Jul 23 2015 Alternatively your cell phone could also make noises when you re not using it. In my android phone my WhatsApp taking too much storage. Swipe up to decline to reject the call. So if you 39 re out of earshot when your phone beeps the first time you 39 ll hear it when you get back when the intermittent notification goes off. This only happens when both the phones were nearby when the WhatsApp video call was on. For instance if the number you called is busy invalid disconnected not in service all circuits are busy etc. Re My phone is beeping 2016 04 24 5 01 AM Some third party app might be the culprit try booting into safe mode hold power button tap and hold 39 power off 39 and then Ok and see if it persists. I checked my phone and NFC was already off. It s free over Wi Fi otherwise standard data charges apply so talk as long as you want even with people in other countries. Press the Clear button even if it shows 0 messages. My BB all of a sudden today started making a quot beep beep beepbeep beep beep quot sound before it dials a number or before you hear the other person 39 s voice when answering their call. Now try to make a phone call. Listen for a low pitched beeping clicking or pulsating static. Does anyone know how in the world to stop this thing Thank You Feb 25 2008 Recorded calls used to require a beep tone by law and may still do in some areas. Why is that. Whenever she talks on either phone connected hands free through the Equinox the person she is talking to hears a beep beep sound in the background. Make sure everyone s identified. d. Nov 14 2013 my phone beeps when i make a call phone beeps when i answer s4 making loud beep during calls set sound emitted when call is connected verizon loud beeps ringtone why does my cell phone beep when i make a call why does my phone beep once when i make a call why does my phone beep when i answer it why does my phone beep when i make a call Apr 28 2013 Try going through other app 39 s on your phone that use a notification tone such as calendar etc and assign them all different tones. Att has a service ticket for this issue ans was nbsp 15 Nov 2016 Tags and beep call callers hear longer phone the they when me to do a reset assuring me nothing would be lost but my wallpaper. It indicates that the exchange is working and is ready to initiate a telephone call. Oct 10 2020 5. The fix is pretty simple you need to disable phone access for Snapchat. Thomas I have a HTC 8X. com message 169774 169774. Aug 17 2017 If your phone plays a loud beep at the end of phone calls on Android phones Snapchat may be the cause of the issue. There are two ways to do this. Hello. Why Does My iPad Ring when My iPhone Rings Apple Repo There are various problems that your iPad can experience like ipad crashing or one of which it requires you to learn why does my ipad ring. Try to make a call. Contact your carrier. A loud steady alarm not beeps or chirps EMERGENCY. Jun 28 2016 8 VOCERA BADGE USER GUIDE Welcome to the Vocera Badge Your Vocera device provides fast simple person to person communication over your company 39 s wireless network. Sites we like Jan 04 2005 So much so that if you 39 re on a land line and that distinctive buzz sounds the person on the other end will sometimes ask you if you want to get the other call. You can also tweak how they Make sure that no wireless devices router telephone base etc. Of course in the night the beeps wake you up but as they are short you don 39 t And of course I do not want to silence the potential emergency phone call in the night nbsp 18 Aug 2017 How To Fix Loud Beep At The End Of Phone Calls On Android. Turn Off and On Airplane Mode. This feature requires the HL10 handset lifter or a EHS cable for phones that support it . If it doesn t work call us on 1800 815 700. Jun 26 2020 If my phone rings the only way I answer is if the call is coming from someone I know and even then it s iffy. Matthew Apr 1 39 13 at 18 29 Sep 04 2010 odd ring while in phone call phone makes weird ring tone when calling short high pitched sound during phone call what causes high pitched ringing while on a cell phone why does my cell phone have a high pitch tone when i call ou why would my vell phone make a sound nefore it starts to ring when im calling out wierd sond before phone rings Jan 31 2012 I rebooted my phone and before I knew it I saw my phone was called 22899. How would that happen Was the person avoiding my call Jun 29 2015 The phone will restart. Any ideas what might be causing this S7 on US Cellular. My iPhone 6s beeps on call and voice memo. When you type the number to call and press the call button nothing happens. When WiFi goes on suddenly your Messenger has opened then you are not using at that time first you should be turned off it. 3 as per latest update . Remember that each option functions quite differently. Jan 04 2005 Does anyone have a theory as to why my computer might make little rhythmic noises for a few moments when a my cell phone is at a minimum 12 quot near it and b my cell phone is receiving an incoming call It also does it when I receive or send text messages posted by Specklet to Technology 20 answers total Announce only answers the call but prevents the caller from leaving a message. Users hear a soft beeping sound in fixed intervals during outbound calls. For the last month or so neither of us hear that tone anymore we are on the same account . Nov 13 2007 It only happens when your phone is communicating with the network which is why you 39 re finding it intermittent. When you link your phone to the HFL and select this option the system will automatically delete the phonebook of the linked phone from the HFL see page . some people told us they put this tone at the beginning of their voicemail or answering machine message and it resulted in fewer calls. While not common we have heard of a few instances where the Bluetooth system in a Kia model was responsible for making a beeping noise. I have turned it off during a call but as soon as I end the call and make or receive another call it 39 s on loudspeaker again. Or because you didn 39 t feel it vibrate in your pocket. I I can 39 t seem to be able to silence the beep sound you hear when on 4. What Produces Carbon Monoxide in the Home Feb 27 2016 Everytime a make a call either manually or redial right before the call connects and starts ringing i hear 3 quik beeps in a row. The address is nothing but your number When you call from your address Meaning your number the call is routed through different Network points. There are specific requirements for this beep tone it needs to be a 1260 to 1540 Hertz tone lasting 170 to 250 milliseconds and broadcast for both sides to hear every 12 to 15 seconds during the call recording. Press the person s name on your phone e. But a more logical explanation might be that one or the other of you has call waiting and someone is trying to beep in. Does your smartphone screen distort It could flicker or flash at random. Your answering system s message capacity may be full. Is there a certain setting on the phone nokia xpressmusic 5530 touch or is it possible that it is because i have an o2 sim in a vodafone mobile. If the Assistant determines the call is a robocall or spam call your phone hangs up. Is there please any way to disable this I did not find anything in the settings. There aren 39 t any localized service outages. Incoming calls not ringing through PC external speaker either. Once your recording appears in the app you will have a link to access your recordings privately on the web or to share with others via email text or social media. Restart Your iPhone Firstly rule out the most common problems by checking that your phone s fully charged if it s cordless all the right wires are plugged into the back of the phone and the phone socket if your house has a double phone socket make sure you 39 re using this to connect your broadband Dec 11 2016 Make your phone easier to use with one hand no root. . I don 39 t want to silence all the app notifications but I don 39 t need the notifications during a call. Please follow these steps to reprogram the phone. Now whenever i make or receive a call there is a continuous beep sound. My phone makes annoying random beeps during calls. you will see Waiting for Line on your Avaya phone display. Try connecting another known working phone to the socket. It seems to be happening when my phone is connected to wifi at home or at work. When you remove that feature you ll Jul 18 2009 Why does my iphone make caller id beeps but not show call waiting id If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Using a speaker phone is often a great way to get feedback from a group of people. Sep 23 2010 I broke the screen on my normal phone so i borrowed my sisters extra one while i wait for my upgrade. MWF508 12 585 views. Volumes are set to mid range or higher. The simplest way is to use the buttons as you usually do. Phone is a Galaxy S8 and it has the latest software update and updated profile and PRL. Check by unplugging your router from the electrical outlet to see if the problem is still there. The idea of this phone scam is aimed at getting people who answer the call to say the word yes. Close. text messages are working fine though. If the setting is on a caller must be listed in your Contacts or Recents. This will not delete your phone information Go to settings and make sure that the Wi Fi is OFF and the Mobile data ON. It seems to happen more with some people that others but I haven 39 t noticed any trend that points to anything in particular. It is easier than ever to every 2 minutes during a call you will need to recharge the handset before you can resume use. I cannot figure out how to stop this from happening. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP software and services allow anyone with a computer an Internet connection and a microphone to place and receive free phone calls straight It is easier than ever to tap a person s phone line. A dial tone is a telephony signal sent by a telephone exchange or private branch exchange PBX to a terminating device such as a telephone when an off hook condition is detected. 3 Some answering systems have an announce only option which plays your greeting but won 39 t record messages. I have read about the Airave issue but I am unaware of any Airave near me at work or at home. 25 Sep 2007 KHARTOUM Reuters If you are in Sudan it is a missed call . I would rather a caller quot not quot hear or be able to tell when I have another incoming phone call while I 39 m on the phone with them. Tap Voice Call. Make sure your answering system is turned on. For a software solution developer Eugene Popovich came up with an app that will make your phone beep periodically when you have an unread notification. In all my life any time I 39 ve ever gotten a busy signal it happens before any rings. Is there anyway to fix my problem. Reset Your Bluetooth or Phone Connection. Mar 10 2018 I know many users hate having others know when they are on the phone but my wife and myself like that quot I am on the phone quot beep as when we hear it we hang up rather than having it ring for a while and just call the other back when we get off. Three beeps in a mobile phone means there is no available connection. I know I m not the only human who hates it and there are plenty of us who actually have anxiety about phone calls it s called telephonophobia and it s real . In this article I ll explain why your iPhone is making static noises and how to fix the problem for good. are near the modem. Alexa whistling A ringing sound like a phone call is being received even though no call is setup . It is not the headset. They do hear the confirmation beeps when they log in or out after the station is connected. the call check your recording options and make sure the beep when nbsp So Public Mobile customer service quot fixed quot my previous issue and now I can make receive phone calls and text and everything except they did nbsp 10 Mar 2006 Only fix is for me to switch my phone number not an option . Your tone of voice can convey many messages some of them not so positive. It is very annoying and happens both when the call comes in from an outside source or from an internal extension. If you don 39 t hear static on the line then a DSL filter is likely the problem. Here you can see how to fix it. How To Make Your iPhone Stop Beeping 1. The most common source of iPhone beeping is email. When you hold your finger on a profile a menu pops up giving you the option to remove a profile. If you are worried that someone may be listening in on your calls you can use a voice over Internet protocol service that is difficult to hack into or an electronic counter measure device that prevents phone monitoring. Is it the phone or the https supportforums. The problem seems to be in several Android devices and not related to a specific brand. 6 while on a call and a second call comes in on your line. If you do have a HL10 Jul 31 2017 4 ways to turn off annoying notifications on your Android phone or iPhone Weed out the random calls messages and alerts and focus only on the ones that really matter to you. Can I keep the telephone number that I have on my current cell phone In most occasions yes your current telephone number can be transferred over to your new Jitterbug phone. I have followed so many tips on line shut off every notification i could find and it still beeps like every 5 On Hold Beeps disabled by default When enabled the organizer will hear intermittent beeps until another participant joins the session. Second make sure sound is suppose to be playing. Your account doesn 39 t have a billing related block. Open the Settings app and tap on the icon for Airplane Mode to enable it. Here are some other likely ToneGenerator sounds I tried that were not a match the first two might be useful as alternates to the volume beep Double beeps tg. How to make a voice call Voice calling lets you call your contacts using WhatsApp for free even if they re in another country. Oct 10 2020 Listen carefully. Some answering systems have an announce only option which plays your greeting but won 39 t record messages. Three rapid beeps every 15 seconds indicates that your mute is on. Sep 26 2017 When I call a group includes both Skype and mobile phone numbers the Skype app on my desktop will not stop beeping. My call waiting is on however I do not hear the beep or anything when another call comes. Immediately after receiving a harassing call you enter the code 57 on your phone and the call is automatically traced. Depending on whether the person answers on the other end or it goes to voicemail may make you wonder if they re declining your calls. However it also turned off all sound to the phone Why does my Samsung Galaxy S3 make a weird beep beep sound when I 39 m on a phone call It started yesterday when the call started. If you are the victim of a prank or are being harassed there are a f Staying in contact with friends and family members is usually accomplished via a traditional phone or a mobile phone. Please help. Hi I am trying to phone someone abroad. Due to the fact you 39 re the only one that hears this beep and the person on the other end doesn 39 t tells me the issue has nothing to do with your device and the sound is caused by t Aug 18 2017 Fix Loud Beep At The End Of Phone Calls. An award winning team of journalists designers and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company s distinctive lens What s next for hardware software and services Our annual guide to the b Being able to place and receive phone calls free of charge is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. But out of nowhere my phone let out this piercingly loud sound The only way I can describe the sound is this y 39 know how whenever you 39 re listening to the radio or tv and the emergency alert service interrupts what you 39 re listening to either to do a test or warn you of Why would my Echo Dot make a beep sound now and then Just set up my new Echo Dot yesterday and we 39 ve noticed a quot beep quot sound now and then. If you re chatting on the phone especially during a conference call everybody should identify himself or herself at the outset. beep beep beep. Your phone might also beep continuously when you set the timer on your phone to count down and it reaches zero. My vibrate is on my ringer is off. this should work. What it means is that when you make a call your voice goes over your carrier s high speed data network instead of its voice network. If the beeping on your iPhone started while you were using Safari to search the web it is a strong possibility that the beeping is coming from an ad on a previously viewed web page. I love phone calls. Usually then it will connect without the three beeps and the call will be normal. minutes to mobile phones minutes isn t a problem It is a possibility. g. A beep boop sound now and then. Preparing Network will appear briefly at the top of the screen. If this is in fact the cause behind it you will probably notice an odd mp3 Who is Charlie Johnson and why is his name displayed on my phone My answering system plays my greeting to callers but will not record messages. In accordance with 38 states mandating One Party Consent Phone. Entry Exit Chimes enabled by default When enabled a chime will play each time a participant joins or leaves the session. Apr 25 2017 15 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked Duration 11 59. This happens when something is stuck as a background task and the phone is trying to multitask stuff liek new email notifications or navigation in the back ground. To find out which is the culprit plug in one device then try to make While on a phone call about a minute into the call you seem to hear a click and then about 15 seconds later you hear the click again. investigate apps for your smart phone. Morning all I am attempting to remove the incoming call beep single beep that occurs when someone is on the phone and another incoming call appears. Our research will show you why your phone needs a VPN and which are the best services to pick from. It should work. Damage to your phones cords and jacks can cause calls to cut out. Why would my Echo Dot make a beep sound now and then Just set up my new Echo Dot yesterday and we 39 ve noticed a quot beep quot sound now and then. Screen Distortion. Any ideas gt why it does this On Ericson 39 s quot beep beep beep quot is usually a dropped call. To return to the call from your extension only press the blinking line key that the caller is on. Then he ll know that you ve blocked him. Select quot Enroll Now quot on the My CenturyLink Login page to create one now. The number of rings vary by provider and also personal settings. callWaiting. But they can be extremely productive and pleasant as long as you know what kind of call you re making. My Turn off unplug your DSL modem and then make a test call from your phone. Oct 22 2020 The idea is to interrupt your current thought pattern and shift to a more positive outlook. Nov 22 2013 Go first to Settings then Notifications. She paired it with an iPhone work and Samsung Galaxy S6 personal phone . That 39 s why it 39 s a good idea to use a reverse phone lookup to tell the difference. Whatever phone you have go to Settings Call options or Call Sounds possibly notifications or in call sounds. Voice calling uses your phone s internet connection rather than your mobile plan s minutes. Your first call after setting up your Jitterbug is free and they are available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. While POP3 accounts are often set to check mail at specified intervals Apple 39 s iCloud and other IMAP based email systems use technology to immediately push a new email to your iPhone. 3. So there will be no voicemail like what happens in the United States. App Permission. 1. You must have Administrator access or User role with granted nbsp Symptoms Can 39 t make calls away from WiFi Phone beeps and call ends when on cellular networks Unable to call on cellular Environment I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which has been making a swoosh sound randomly during my calls ever since I got it over a year ago and only I can hear it not the nbsp On my end I do not hear beeps but rather short gaps in the caller 39 s voice in Oct 08 2020 When you make a phone call you will hear ringing on your end to let nbsp My client doesn 39 t like the beep because it mutes the inbound audio of the What parameter should I be changing to get ring of the beep sound you hear on nbsp 24 Aug 2016 How to Get Intermittent Alerts for Missed Notifications Android Full Tutorial http bit. Disconnect your smartphone and vehicle from Bluetooth for a few minutes to give the system time to reset. And sometimes calling features can make it seem like your call has dropped. With the call in progress press the Feature and Hold buttons. com has turned on the tone for all accounts on the call recording feature. If you hear a dial tone you 39 ve just unplugged the bad filter. Posted by 2 years ago. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. After that reconnect and see if the beeping continues. I have gone into settings and turned off every notification I can find. I have made calls to them fine up until now. it makes the sound everytime after i get a notification and sometimes when im watching snapchats or on instagram when im watching someones feed. Unplug all of the phones except the Uniden. Move closer to the base unit. Yes your personal phone number will always remain private if you re using MightyCall. As a result whether you re looking for an unfamiliar number or a previously known one after your phone broke you ll probably need to tur Whether you re receiving strange phone calls from numbers you don t recognize or just want to learn the number of a person or organization you expect to be calling soon there are plenty of reasons to look up a phone number. motorola. TONE_CDMA_KEYPAD_VOLUME_KEY_LITE Telephone operation Basic operation Make answer or end a call Handset To make a call lift the handset and dial the number. In short if you re still asking yourself the question Do I need a VPN on my phone the answer is a strong YES absolutely. Make sure the power adapter is plugged into a working mains socket and the power is switched on. If you are switching to one of your guest tenants or in some other cases Teams ask for a Microsoft Secure Code sending those digit to your registered phone number. If so press the button once to remove. When I picked up my iPhone 6 on Friday during the first call I made it kept making a beeping noise which cut the person 39 s voice out. The phone vibrates while the person is calling then beeps after they hang up without me answering . In your Settings tap Cellular Or mobile network in your connection tab. If you would like to turn off the tone you may do so in your control panel under Configure gt System Settings gt Call Recording. An app store for independent developers. Recently when we receive a call and I pick up the phone starts beeping in my ear. May 02 2020 No matter your purpose running a reliable VPN can keep you safe on your phone. Why does my cell phone serviced by verizon do a quick double beep before connecting to the number i call Why does my sprint iphone 4 beep three times before i make a call on occasion i have unlmtd. If so move the device a minimum of 60 cm 2 feet from the modem. If a cell phone is making a beeping noise while talking does that mean the phone is tapped Why is there an annoying beep in raise your glass Verizon cell phones making beeping noises If you subscribe to Call Forwarding and have forwarded your line you will hear a busy call forward reminder fast beeping when you pick up the receiver. It may not seem like a big deal at the time but it s what the criminals can do later with that recording that s dangerous to you your information and your identity. Whenever you see or hear the cue use it to shift your thoughts to something positive. Recording equipment does not pick up the beep only a period of silence. Sounds are not muted. Begin by examining your phone equipment for damage. I have my phone lying next to me and using it with heaphones with nbsp 11 Nov 2019 Cut out the beeps and bloops and get some rest for a change. I tried to do 1471 and see if I could find out where it was being dialled from but no luck. If your phone is locked you 39 ll see an incoming WhatsApp voice call screen when someone voice calls you where you can Swipe up to accept to answer the call. It 39 s ok when I take videos using front and rear camera it is clear and Siri understands me and I can type my voice. As you guessed it beeps every minute. Archived. When you call others your virtual phone number will display on the other person s phone. It sounds simple but if you re in charge of a conversation that s in person or over the phone and you re recording it then it s your job to listen to what the other person or people are saying. So where do you go when you re try Ever since mobile phones became the new normal phone books have fallen by the wayside and few people have any phone numbers beyond their own memorized anymore. hope this helps Jul 17 2017 Why Does My iPhone Keep Beeping Your iPhone keeps beeping because an ad is playing an mp3 file which you are hearing through your iPhone s speaker. Please make sure you have allowed the Netvue app to send you notifications in your phone 39 s settings. Both my phones do it. First check to see if your sound is up. If the Assistant determines the call isn 39 t a robocall or spam call your phone rings and shows you how the caller responded. Swipe up to reply to decline the call with a quick message. CAUTION Refer to the manufacturer s instructions for your particular make and model to verify the pattern of sounds you will hear. What is the reason for your iPad ringing when you get a call on you iPhone Here is an explanation. Feb 22 2015 The third default profile is for nighttime hours but since you probably don 39 t want your phone to beep and vibrate while you 39 re sleeping feel free to disable or delete it. Back in the day many people would list their phone numbers in the White Pages. Will give no warning no message just kind of fade the call and start the beeping going on. Wave files were loaded on the M3K trunks SIP so they are not generating the tone. Make Sure To Close Out of All Tabs in Safari. Oct 08 2020 When you make a phone call you will hear ringing on your end to let you know that the phone call is connecting. For example the series of beep codes 1 3 3 1 indicates a defective or missing memory DIMM. Restart your phone. 1 Even if your smoke alarm is attached to your electrical system it should have a battery backup. That way you can see how long you have been on the phone. why does my phone beep when i make a call